Digging Data in the New Wild West

hello world data power

“We do well to remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. (…). Data and algorithms don’t just have the power to predict our shopping habits. They also have the power to rob someone of their freedom”

[Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithm, Hannah Fry]

There are many FREE apps for tracking your routine such as walking, jogging, eating, book reading, shopping, or studying. Thanks to these productive apps, we can check our daily routine and change our routine for better performance. By the way, how do these free apps make money? There is no free lunch in the world. They make their profit from the data you recorded. In the age of Big Data, data is the new gold and many companies are digging such gold in our daily routines now. We might say we live in the new Wild West.

Someone might think that Data is just Data. That is true but the AI model can spot important (hidden) patterns from massive data effectively. They can dig gold in the mine by efficient tools. Moreover, they make precise categories for people’s behaviors, leading to an accurate prediction (classification) for new customers. Hence, AI models are becoming more sophisticated as increasing the number of data they collect. Amazon and other online retailers provide irresistible deals and coupons every day. Netflix and other streaming services recommend the best movies we will like so we cannot help clicking the next movie. In these days, we cannot blame a shopaholic. because (internet) shopping addiction is not caused by a lack of self-control but caused by a sophisticated AI model. That is why I purchase more books on Amazon today (Don’t blame me!).

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